Home Water Filters Remove Undesirable Chemicals and Bacteria

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)  Water Filters

Home water filters using diatomaceous earth (DE)  have been used extensively for over three quarters of a century.  The filter is based on the principal that fine earth particles placed on a small screen can inhibit the transmission of unwanted substances through the screen, and allow only much cleaner water to pass.

These filters have been shown to produce safe drinking water, utilizing either vacuum based or pressure based systems. These DE water filters have been shown to remove Giardia and Crptosoridum cysts in normal operation.

Flow rates for typical filters are not too high, averaging 0.2 to 2 gallons / minute.  Flow rates depend upon the filter density, and hydrostatic pressure or vacuum pressure that is in use in the filter.

For good operation, the inlet water channel should provide a screening method  to remove twigs, straw, or other leaf fragments so that these items will not impair the proper filtering of the DE.

Counter-Top Water Filters

Other types of filters, such as ceramic water filters, are very suitable for home counter-top water filtering. They will require occasional replacement filters to be purchased depending upon water flow and usage.

Whole House Water Filters

Whole house water filters are available with filtration completed  in various sages.  A whole house water filter can be used to conveniently filter all oncoming water used for cooking, and drinking, plants and pets.  These filters typically come with individually replaceable filters and can be used for longer periods of time.

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