Green Laundry Soap

Why is a Product called a   Green Laundry Soap?

The term green laundry soap brings up a lot of connotations of washing products that are seen to be useful products to wash the laundry and also easy on the environment. Most home laundry soap contains “natural ingredients” and some man made manufactured components.  For example the earliest soaps, made by the Pioneers in the West, outside the log cabin were made by  mixing animal or vegetable oils from fats, with lye that had been dissolved in water: this resulted in a  new chemical substance called “soap”. Today  understanding and trying to figure out if the ingredients in a soap product are really useful and protective of the environment can represent quite a significant challenge.  Some laundry soaps and detergents put the chemical ingredients contained in the soap on the label and some do not. Even if the ingredients are listed on the label it can be somewhat difficult  to ascertain what the value of the ingredients are  and whether or not it may be considered a green (or eco friendly) laundry soap or detergent ingredient.

Ingredients  in  Many Green Laundry Soaps

Some soap ingredients (agents)  may be thought of as being natural, and therefore might qualify as green laundry soap ingredients.  Other can be developed in a chemical plant or laboratory an may or may not find there way into a laundry soap box. Many of these chemicals/ingredients can be put into some general categories:

  •  Product Thickening Agent
  • Fragrance Agent
  • Coloring Agents (to make the soap attractive to the buyer as you pour or measure it into a cup)
  • Natural Mineral
  • Stabilizers
  • Wetting Agent
  • Gentle Abrasive Cleaning Agents
  • Product Flow & Thickness Agents
  • Natural Plant Extract
  • Mineral Salt
  • Preservative
  • Alkaline Chemical Compound
  • Plant-derived Cleaning Agent
  • Natural Mineral Whitener

What Specific Ingredients (Agents) are Found Your Laundry Soap?

If you took too may snoozes in your mandatory Chemistry class, or even if you didn’t, and its been a few years, it turns out the ingredients in soap and their functions may be a little difficult to comprehend.  Some of this confusion is generated by the soap companies themselves, because as it turns out many of them use generally the same ingredients , but often describe the features and benefits of their soaps in exaggerated ways! In a  very broad sense, ingredients in soap products and green laundry soap products all are derived from chemicals, both natural and man made.  Once upon a time, our former President, Ronald Regan, hosted a TV show and did a commercials for Borax, a naturally occurring soap product which is mined in the wild, and has proved to be  good washing product in the early Pioneer days, and still is for that matter.














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