Green Ways to Clean Your Dirty Cell Phone and Tablet Surfaces

Our cell phones and devices find themselves in some interesting and sometimes filthy places.  Our hands are not always clean, and dirt, glue as well as microbes and other germs may be attached to the surfaces of our devices.  Holding your device screen at an angle up to the light,  usually allows you to see finger prints, dust, dirt, and other grime that is not as noticeable in a straight-on view.

How to Safely and Gently Clean your Device Screens

Abrasives will clean some things around the house , but they are bad news for Cell Phones and Tablets and other electronic devices. Too much liquid is also a bad idea.  Dunking the cell phone in a bowl of soapy water is to be avoided at all costs! Before you begin it is probably a good idea to turn the device off completely.

What to Use and How to Clean a Cell Phone or Tablet Surface with these ‘Green Liquids’

Water is very effective  cleaning agent as long as it is free from minerals, and any other chemicals.  It’s best to use Distilled Water which can be found at most grocery stores for about a dollar a gallon.  We won’t very need much though, as all we want to do is wet a micro-cloth just barely and gently rub it over the surface of the device.  If the device  is pretty dirty you may want to wet several areas of the micro-fiber cloth and do it on different sections.

Dry the device with a clean and dry micro cloth or soft clean tee-shirt and see it it looks OK.  To clean the surface put the liquid you plan to use in a very clean small spray bottle.  Spray the liquid onto the micro-cloth to leave a minimum of cleaning agent on the cloth. First you can try spaying the micro-cloth with distilled water. If you still notice that more cleaning needs to be done, try mixing equal parts of white wine vinegar and distilled water. Apply this mixture to the cloth and see how this works.  After cleaning, Dry the surface of the device with a clean non-abrasive towel, clean dry micro-cloth or clean T-Shirt.  Let the phone dry out completely before turning it on.

Other more “professional”  and expensive  solutions for cleaning agents can be found on the Web, but some use harmful chemicals and others  may contain unwanted cleaning agents.   Keeping it Green and Clean  and simple by using the above techniques will work for most people and for must dirty devices..  Please remember that the micro-fiber must be damp, but not soaked.  Leaking fluid into the speaker and microphone and physical buttons on the phone could damage the device and might involve costly repairs.





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