Saving Water with this Simple Water Timer

How can I Conserve When Watering the Lawn or my Flower Beds?

If you are currently watering your lawn by hand, or using the manual on-off  watering technique , you might want to take a look at a simple water timer that is programmable, automated and will allow you to conveniently schedule the on-off times any time of day.  This  simple automated water timer can be attached to any standard garden outlet or hose.  It also will function with either low pressure drip systems or soaker hoses.

What Simple Devices can I use to Regulate Watering of My Garden and Lawn Inexpensively?

I ran across a simple water timer called the Melnor AquaTimer™ 3015    I am using  it to inexpensively activate  my home watering schedules.  Practical and simple water timers  will allow you to have a number of timed water settings, allowing you to control your watering over a full 24 hour cycle. Water conservation can be easily implemented!

Nice-To-Have Features for a Simple Water Timer

It can be handy to have some way to suspend watering if rain is predicted, or if you need to pause the device for other reasons.  This water timer has other fine controls available and they do come in very handy. A Manual Control Button is  also provided to allow for one-time uses.

Also this controller can be placed anywhere in the water line, or hose for convenience sake. I put mine right at the outlet tap.  I also employed a simple water outlet tap-splitter to divide the water coming from the wall valve into two streams.  One stream outputs to the water timer, and the other one may be used for other purposes.

This Melnor water timer has Program Retention, and will retain your watering settings, even if the internal battery fails, or if the unit has not been in use for some time.  The water timer is powered by two standard alkaline AA batteries, which depending on use, may need to be changed every few months or so. (A battery condition indicator is located on the front panel to advise the user that it is time to change the battery).

The Melnor AquaTimer™  that I chose was the Model 3015.  It is very simple to program, and works reliably, without leaking.  I am using it to set both a morning  ( 20 minutes) and evening (15 minutes ) watering time.  It’s great to have the device turn the water on automatically and get the job done in the wee hours of the morning or evening.  I estimate that I have experienced  about one-third less water usage since I began using this automated water timer.  For purchase  information on AquaTimer™ 3015 .


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